Vertical Jump Training and Volleyball Performance

Perfect for high school and College athletes

Coach Dan is a volleyball player and jump training Specialist who lives and has seen the results of his own jump training

“As a Jump Training Specialist I can help athletes of all sports improve their vertical leap! Participants can expect to add inches fast and experience continual improvement as they continue to train. I live what I preach as I have added 18 inches to my own vertical over the years.” - Coach Dan 

The vertical jump is one of the most critical skills to master for the sport of volleyball. At Become Better Sports Performance and Personal Training, we can help you improve your vertical jump with our volleyball training program. As a published researcher on vertical jump training and a volleyball player himself, Dan is an expert on taking your game to the next level.  Our vertical jump training program focuses on developing the skill and technique of jumping and landing while we drive up your strength and power with a combination of weight training and plyometrics. We also like to add in some supplemental sled walks, biking, and/or rowing to our vertical jump training programs to further strengthen the muscles of the lower body while also improving total body conditioning for increased endurance on the court.  

The emphasis for the volleyball training program will be placed on vertical jump training, but other athletic qualities such as agility, quickness, and conditioning will be emphasized as well. Our volleyball training program is perfect for just about any high school or collegiate athlete who is looking to improve their vertical jump, total body strength, and athleticism whether male or female.

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Why Participate in Volleyball Vertical Jump Training?

  • Improve Volleyball Specific Qualities Such As:
    • Jump Height
    • Quickness
    • Mobility
    • Conditioning
  • Strengthen Weaknesses and Correct Imbalances

  • Prevent Injuries to Keep You on the Court

  • Learn From an Actual Volleyball Player and Collegiate Volleyball Strength Coach with the credentials to Help Elevate Your Game.

Please contact me for sessions and rates for volleyball performance training.

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