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The newest Personal trainer for the Become Better Family

Blue motivates individuals to reach knew heights.

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Big Blue

Blue’s Back Story

Blue is a monkey. Unlike most monkeys, he was raised in a troop of gorillas. Growing up around his larger, stronger counterparts was difficult. They looked at him as the little and weak monkey. Some of the younger gorillas picked on Blue, calling him names like “blueberry,” because he was small with blue fur. Blue desperately wanted to be big and strong like the troop leader. 

The gorillas doubted him, but Blue believed in himself. Behind his smaller stature was a desire. A desire to Become Better. With that will to improve, and an ounce of courage, Blue began training to do just that. He set small goals, and as each week passed, the little monkey started to see the results. This motivated him even more. Training wasn’t perfect though. He had his share of setbacks. However, after meeting and working with a dedicated coach, Blue learned the correct way to exercise in order to progress properly and optimally every week. With the help of his coach and a small group of supportive friends he met along the way to push and motivate him, he continued to work hard, and the results kept showing.

What once seemed unimaginable for Blue is now the normal. Blue is now using his knowledge and teaching his gorilla troop how to Become Better.



Height: 6’5

Weight: 265 lbs

Favorite Food: Banana Nut Protein Shake

Favorite Exercise: Heavy Sled Pushes

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