Nik Aston - Online Personal Training and Weight Management -Exercise Technique Expert


  • Online Nutritional Guidance

  • Programming For Strength

  • Technique Coaching

  • Speed and Power Development for Track and Field


  • B.S. University of New Mexico

    • Major: Exercise and Sport Science

    • Minor/Concentration:

  • M.S. Appalachian State University (in Progress)

    • Major: Exercise Science

    • Minor/Concentration: Strength and Conditioning


I have always had a passion for sports and physical fitness. With a background in track & field, football, and baseball, I’ve been involved in sports since the age of 7. My passion for learning about my sports and improving my performance began at an early age. My passion for learning how to optimize sports performance by improving my speed, strength, power, and overall physical fitness drove me to pursue an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM where I also competed for the school’s NCAA Division I track & field team as a javelin thrower.

At UNM I learned a lot about the sciences related human physiology, and and how the body responds and adapts to exercise. While in school I was fortunate to be able to apply the concepts I learned in the classroom at a local gym where I worked as a strength coach/personal trainer. At this gym I specialized in strength training for middle school and high school athletes. I was also fortunate to build a relationship with and be coached by 3 different collegiate strength & conditioning coaches who each helped me develop my training philosophy.

Upon graduation from UNM, I decided to further my education at Appalachian State University where I am currently in pursuit of a MS degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in strength & conditioning. At App State, I have learned from leading researchers in the fields of biomechanics and exercise physiology in the classroom, and some of the best collegiate strength coaches in the nation as a strength & conditioning intern in the school’s athletics weight room. I am also a personal trainer at the school gym where I have helped students and faculty members reach their strength and fitness goals.

Online Training

I worked as an intern for Dan at the gym the summer of 2018, and I will continue to work for Become Better Sport Performance and Personal Training throughout the school year as an online trainer. Online training will consist of custom fitness and nutrition program writing, weekly communication through text or email, video form review, and skype calls upon request. This online training can be a very effective alternative to see great fitness results for those that can not make it into our gym regularly due to distance or time constraints. Contact Dan now for rates to work with me online!