Pittsburgh Olympic Weightlifting Classes

Learn to snatch & Clean + Jerk in the south hills

Olympic weightlifting programs can be made for men and women of all ages!

The Olympic Weightlifting class and programs are meant to teach the technique for the two "Olympic lifts," the Snatch and Clean + Jerk.  The basics of these lifts can be taught by many, but few know the most technical aspects of the sport that are needed not only for safety, but also continual improvement in the lifts.  Proper progressions will be used with various similar exercises to attain this improvement as well.  In addition, individual mobility problems will be addressed and video analysis will be used for all participants.

Olympic Weightlifting Classes can be perfect for any large group such as a sports team, crossfit gym, or any other group that would like to learn how to successfully and safely complete these exercises.

Individuals may sign up for a 1-1 session, or join into another group.

Who doesn’t like to throw around big, heavy weights?

Why Participate in Olympic Weightlifting?

  • Learn Optimal Technique for Safety and Continual Improvement

  • Class Taught by a Highly Certified and Educated Trainer.

  • Improve the Mobility Necessary for these Lifts

  • Video Analysis for all participants to see specifically what they are doing wrong/right.

  • It's FUN!