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The best private Personal Training gym in the south hills of pittsburgh for sport performance and personal training

Our Certified Personal Trainers will help you Achieve your health and fitness goals, no matter what those might be


Training Programs Include:

  • Fitness Programs for the General Population

  • Volleyball and Other Sport Performance/Strength and Conditioning Training for High School and College Athletes

  • Kids Fitness Classes

  • Olympic Weightlifting

  • Training for Older Adults

  • Weight Loss through Nutritional Guidance

  • Preparing for a Wedding  

    Clients We Have Worked With:

    We have worked with many residents in the neighborhoods of the South Hills. The youngest we have trained is 5 years old while the oldest is 82 and going strong! Our services have helped both men and women reach their goals of weight loss, strength improvements, increased cardiovascular health, better balancing, and increased ability to perform daily tasks. We have also helped middle school, high school, and college students with improving athletic performance by becoming stronger, faster, and jumping higher while doing our best to prevent all injuries that are associated with their sport or helping rehabilitate those that are coming off of an injury. No matter what your goals are, I am positive that we can help!


The Personal training Facility:

Our private personal training studio has some of the best equipment available in the fitness industry. Our facility was freshly remodeled in 2018 and now contains brand new soft flooring, turf, free weights and machines, platforms for heavier lifters, and conditioning/cardio equipment such as rowers, treadmills, sleds, and bikes. We also do not have typical gym memberships, so you will never feel crowded or out of place. You will not be able to find a more well put together gym in Pittsburgh than we have here!


88 Fort Couch Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15241

Conveniently located in Bethel Park, near the South Hills Village Mall for easy access to those in High School at, or living in, the neighborhoods of the south hills of Pittsburgh, PA such as Mount Lebanon, Upper St. Clair, Peters Township, South Park, Baldwin, Dormont, and the rest of the South Hills!

The entrance to the gym is in the front of the building, facing fort couch road, on the first floor. Go through both sets of doors and you have arrived!

Current Specials For New Clients:

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Current specials for current clients:

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About our Certified Trainers

Our Certified Personal Trainers can help you reach your goals to lose weight, gain strength, or any other health and fitness goals you have. We have worked with Younger Children, Teenagers, Adults, and Seniors. Read more about each of our Trainers and what we specialize in here.


Why You Should Hire A Personal Trainer

Read our blog article about the reasons why you should hire a personal trainer. Excerpt: “A good trainer can shorten the exercise learning curve if you’re new to exercising, keep you safe, provide structure to your training, hold you accountable, and help you make progress more quickly than you could on your own.”


Get in contact so we can get your transformation underway! We will help you reach all of your fitness and health goals. One step at a time.


Personal Trainer Rates

View our rates and current specials for Personal Training and all of our programs. For more information on these programs please use the contact button to talk with Dan!


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