Personal Trainer for Kids Fitness in Bethel Park

Get your children fit and moving while learning the correct way to exercise

Parents and kids welcome to train together too!

Hiring a personal trainer for kids fitness is just as beneficial as it is for adults. Strength training and fitness are important for EVERYBODY. Strength training for kids is very well supported by the current research.  All of the benefits of strength training that are experienced by adults can be experienced by kids as well! Children will experience an increase in bone density, increases in muscle size, strength, and power, stiffer tendons and ligaments, and improved neuromuscular efficiency and coordination as a result of our kids strength training programs.

If your kids are athletes, hiring a personal trainer is probably one of the best things you can do for their athletic performance and physical well-being! Strength training will not only make them more resistant and resilient to injury, it will also allow them to run faster, cut quicker, jump higher, throw further, and hit harder. Hiring a personal trainer for your kids fitness will help them to dominate on the court, field, or track and give them a leg up on the competition!

Even if your child is not an athlete, they can still benefit from the kids strength training that we offer. You will notice the results after a few weeks when your kid is able to take all of the groceries in at once or help you move that heavy couch from one side of the room to the other. Having your child exercise can also help cognitive function and keep them better behaved. Starting your kids on strength training gives them a head start on living a long, healthy, strong, and injury free life.

Our trainers have a wealth of experience with training kids in Bethel Park from ages 7 and up. We also know how to make sessions fun while assuring that they are still productive. At Become Better Sports Performance and Personal Training, your kids will get stronger, reduce their risk of injury, become more useful in everyday lift, and have a blast all at the same time. If you’re looking for a personal trainer for kids, look no further!

Benefits of Kids Fitness in Bethel Park

  • Safely Learn How to Exercise

  • Increase Muscle and Strength

  • Bone Density Improvement

  • Stronger and Stiffer Tendons and Ligaments that could Prevent Injuries

  • Better Neuromuscular Efficiency and Coordination

  • Positive Cognitive Function Changes

  • Creation of a Fun Environment when it comes to Fitness that they will Never Forget