"Best Personal Trainer in Pittsburgh" - Nicole C.

After training under Dan in his customized, goal specific program, I scored in the highest achievement percentile for both my physical fitness examinations (PFT1/PFT2) with Customs and Border Protection under the Department of Homeland Security. The individualized instruction coupled with the strategic organization of the workouts maximized my results in my strongest areas and dramatically improved my performance in the areas I was weakest. Dan was extremely knowledgeable and diligent in planning and structuring these workouts during the program and maintained the highest levels of professionalism and flexibility throughout. It was a pleasure working with Dan over the last six months and I highly recommend his customized program to anyone looking to achieve a fitness goal, or just improve their fitness overall.

— Michael Calland
Dan is great and motivational without being over exerting. He gives you the workouts to do at your own pace, so the more you’re willing to work, the more you’re going to benefit. Very relaxed setting. Highly recommend.
— Nathan Berry
As my strength and conditioning coach at Bethel Park High School for volleyball, Dan has taught me how to eat right, boost my confidence, and has improved my volleyball game immensely. Under the tutelage of Dan, I added 6 inches onto my existing vertical before the season. Work outs are always fun, productive and exciting. Daniel P. Knorr is the best and most dedicated trainer there is! If you want to improve your overall well being, get into shape, or become a better volleyball player, like me, he is the person to help you get there!
— Noah Blanc OH/MB for Bethel Park HS
As a volleyball player, I started working out with Dan in order to improve my vertical. In 5 months with him thus far, not only have I seen my jumping ability improve (3”), my overall strength has increased as well (I have seen an 11 pound increase in muscle). Dan has also kept me focused on my goals making it easy to stay on track. I have told myself in the past I would make a rouine and work out regularly, but now I have finally been able to do it.
— Nick De Leo
Dan really takes the time on making sure everything you do is done right. He is very patient and puts a great emphasis on making sure you have the proper technique to prevent injury and get the most of out your workouts. Since I’ve started working with Dan, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my life and my jump vertical. As a high school volleyball player, Dan really worked with me to increase my vertical and my playing. He really does use proven methods of weight lifting to make you as strong as you can be. We started out slow to ensure the right techniques were being used and quickly progressed as I became stronger. I will be graduating next year and I do aspire to join the United States Military which Dan is helping me to prepare for. He develops circuits and routines to help create endurance and muscle. This ensures that I will perform my best when it comes time for training all the while, making sure that everything I do is the proper technique for maximum gain and safety.
— Elliott Carr, HS Volleyball Player for Bethel Park
Dan is a highly knowledgable personal trainer. He will help you meet your goals quickly. He works very well with people of all ages. Some of my goals that he helped me meet were full body weight pull-ups and 5 minute planks. Both goals were met in just a few weeks! I highly recommend Dan.
— Michele (Age 46)
I came to Become Better with physical limitations due to surgery. I was met with a variety of workouts aimed at increasing balance, shoulder range of motion, stronger abs, strength in arms, legs and back. I was gently pushed beyond goals I achieved. I feel infinitely stronger having completed almost two years in training. I attribute that to my desire to be better, healthy and strong at 79 BUT I give all the credit to Dan who made each workout worthwhile, fun but tough. Dan welcomes, plans, explains clearly and adjust workouts for the benefit of each client considering age and physical limitations. He inspires confidence as his clients become better.
— Jeane Criss, Age 79
After years of trying and failing to maintain a fitness routine I finally found one that stuck with Dan. I’ve had good and bad trainers over the years and Dan is by far the best. His innate ability to be whatever type of trainer his client needs set him apart from rest. Dan also always takes the time to listen to your goals and current needs to constantly adjust your program. The variety of exercise routines and wealth of knowledge Dan provides has helped me continue to set and reach goals while working around what can sometimes be a busy and ever-changing schedule.
— Shay Powell
Dan and his work staff are dedicated at making you achieve your highest potential. They work with you every step of the way to help you achieve the goals you set at the beginning of your plan. The variety of exercises along with the in depth knowledge that Dan possesses lends itself to workouts not becoming stale or unproductive. All he asks from you is that you give effort and you are committed and he will take care of everything else. The atmosphere Dan has created at the gym is one that is fun and exciting, everyone knows each other by name and is supportive of one another, and the best part is that it’s a gym for everyone no matter your state of fitness. I look forward to going to the gym now and I have Dan to thank for that.
— Ben Avon
My husband and I have trained with Dan for the last three years and we both feel stronger, more fit, and being consistent with exercise have lost some pounds. Dan is a great motivator and personalizes your sessions. He is the best trainer we have ever worked with
— Lisa Talarico
Dan has helped my daughter gain strength and a better vertical leap which has made her a much better middle hitter in volleyball.
— Ken Schenk
I trained with Dan for over a year before moving away. I’ve never met as knowledgeable and personable a trainer before or since. My husband started training with him too, we were much stronger and had great results. He makes you work, but in a good and safe way that is fun. Go to Dan, you’ll be glad you did! #funtimewithDan
— Mandy
Working out with Dan is always fun and exciting every day. Plus, Dan made me strong, which is nice.
— Corey Kroboth
My husband and I really appreciate Dan’s care and attention that he gives us. He listened and understood our health issues. The exercises that he has us do are personally for us :) I highly recommend him for young as well as for those who are young at heart!
— Sue Nirella
Dan knows what he is talking about. He is easy to work with, encouraging, and specific with his advice and coaching. I do olympic lifting classes with him and I have progressed under his coaching. Great guy!
— Melissa Ondesko
Dan has a great ability to observe your lift and identify various imperfections in your movement. He is great at focusing on tweaking each stage of the movement, and has drills to really force you to reach the ideal movement sequence.
— Susan Moore
Hiring a personal trainer is the best thing I’ve ever done. That was 10 years ago and I’m still with it. When I signed up for the first time, I was not sure what I was getting into and not sure I would like it. I was lucky and got a good trainer who made me LOVE training, and with Dan, I have become even better. As an older person, I am able to do activities that most people my age wouldn’t or couldn’t do. I have become stronger and leaner and a better version of me. My advice is to sign up today and don’t put it off - it’s the BEST thing you will ever do for yourself!
— Ed Talarico