"Best Personal Trainer in Pittsburgh" - Nicole C.

After training under Dan in his customized, goal specific program, I scored in the highest achievement percentile for both my physical fitness examinations (PFT1/PFT2) with Customs and Border Protection under the Department of Homeland Security. The individualized instruction coupled with the strategic organization of the workouts maximized my results in my strongest areas and dramatically improved my performance in the areas I was weakest. Dan was extremely knowledgeable and diligent in planning and structuring these workouts during the program and maintained the highest levels of professionalism and flexibility throughout. It was a pleasure working with Dan over the last six months and I highly recommend his customized program to anyone looking to achieve a fitness goal, or just improve their fitness overall.

— Michael Calland
As my strength and conditioning coach at Bethel Park High School for volleyball, Dan has taught me how to eat right, boost my confidence, and has improved my volleyball game immensely. Under the tutelage of Dan, I added 6 inches onto my existing vertical before the season. Work outs are always fun, productive and exciting. Daniel P. Knorr is the best and most dedicated trainer there is! If you want to improve your overall well being, get into shape, or become a better volleyball player, like me, he is the person to help you get there!
— Noah Blanc OH/MB for Bethel Park HS
As a volleyball player, I started working out with Dan in order to improve my vertical. In 5 months with him thus far, not only have I seen my jumping ability improve (3”), my overall strength has increased as well (I have seen an 11 pound increase in muscle). Dan has also kept me focused on my goals making it easy to stay on track. I have told myself in the past I would make a rouine and work out regularly, but now I have finally been able to do it.
— Nick De Leo
Dan really takes the time on making sure everything you do is done right. He is very patient and puts a great emphasis on making sure you have the proper technique to prevent injury and get the most of out your workouts. Since I’ve started working with Dan, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my life and my jump vertical. As a high school volleyball player, Dan really worked with me to increase my vertical and my playing. He really does use proven methods of weight lifting to make you as strong as you can be. We started out slow to ensure the right techniques were being used and quickly progressed as I became stronger. I will be graduating next year and I do aspire to join the United States Military which Dan is helping me to prepare for. He develops circuits and routines to help create endurance and muscle. This ensures that I will perform my best when it comes time for training all the while, making sure that everything I do is the proper technique for maximum gain and safety.
— Elliott Carr, HS Volleyball Player for Bethel Park
Dan is a highly knowledgable personal trainer. He will help you meet your goals quickly. He works very well with people of all ages. Some of my goals that he helped me meet were full body weight pull-ups and 5 minute planks. Both goals were met in just a few weeks! I highly recommend Dan.
— Michele (Age 46)