Sports Performance Volleyball and Jump Training Program

Sport Performance Training for volleyball will be aimed at improving volleyball specific qualities such as jump height, quickness, mobility, and conditioning. This will be accomplished by the use of well researched and proven methods that involve the use of weighted exercises that include the Olympic lifts and body weight plyometrics. Technique of all exercises will be top priority for continual growth and safety.

As a Jump Training Specialist I can help athletes of all sports improve their vertical leap!  Participants can expect to add inches fast and experience continual improvement as they continue to train. I live what I preach as I have added 18 inches to my own vertical over the years. The vertical jump is also a good indicator of performance on other physical abilities such as speed and quickness.

Vertical Jump picture

Why Participate?

  • Improve jump height, quickness, mobility and conditioning on the court

  • Strengthen weaknesses and correct imbalances

  • Learn injury prevention techniques to keep you on the court

  • I am a former player and collegiate volleyball strength coach with the credentials to help elevate your game.

Please contact me for sessions and rates for volleyball performance training.