Olympic Weightlifting

The Olympic Weightlifting class is meant to teach the technique for the two "Olympic lifts," the Snatch and Clean + Jerk.  The basics of these lifts can be taught by many, but few know the most technical aspects of the sport that are needed not only for safety, but also continual improvement in the lifts.  Proper progressions will be used with various similar exercises to attain this improvement as well.  In addition, individual mobility problems will be addressed and video analysis will be used for all participants.

The class will be taught by myself and my training partner, Kevin Cornell, a nationally ranked weightlifter in the 105kg class who has Snatched 160kg and Clean+Jerked 210kg.  Check out his website at: 


Together, we bring a wealth of knowledge from our education, certifications, and our competitive experience.

This class is perfect for any sports team, crossfit gym, or any other average gym rat that just simply would like to learn how to complete these exercises.

Everyone wants to learn how to throw around big weights.  Let us show you how.

Why Participate?

  • Learn optimal technique for safety and continual improvement
  • Class taught by a highly certified and educated trainer in addition to a highly accomplished competitive weightlifter.
  • Improve the mobility necessary for these lifts
  • Video analysis for all participants to see specifically what they are doing wrong/right.