Fitness is not a goal, a lifestyle, or a pastime.  It is the achievement and satisfaction of ones inner and outer strength. It is not my job, but my passion to help you move one step further, one step higher, and one step beyond each step prior.

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Schooled in the most cutting-edge, research driven methods in fitness, I act as a fulcrum for the strengthening and conditioning process at all levels and areas of fitness. I began my career at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse where I studied the method of science driven performance, injury prevention, and how to achieve long-term fitness goals. Coming from a diverse background as an independent United States Olympic Weight Lifter and as a former collegiate volleyball player, I am familiar with a myriad of different fitness goals and how to achieve them. To continue developing my unique, personalized training philosophy, I interned at the University of Minnesota where I was instructed in the newest, most effectively techniques and training styles from the some of the top coaches and fitness experts in the country. At Appalachian State University where I received my M.S. in Exercise Science, I developed and presented research on bone mineral density and how it relates to the female athlete triad, injury prevention, and strength training with regard to sprint and jump performance.

My Mission

Since the beginning of my professional career three years ago, I have focused on the growth, development, and general fitness of a broad spectrum of clientele. Having once struggled myself with fitness and body image, I find enormous satisfaction in helping push my clients to their next fitness goal and beyond just as my first trainer did for me. It is this passion, this drive, along with my tested fitness philosophy and regimen, that sets me apart from others in this field. I have trained athletes and non-athletes, people of all different shapes, sizes, ages, and fitness backgrounds. My clients have little to nothing in common except for one thing, they leave my program with a sense of pride knowing that they achieved many of their goals and most importantly, that any fitness goal is attainable with the right attitude, direction, and coaching.